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FAL "Para" Handguard - Various

FAL "Para" Handguard - Various

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This handguard is styled after the SA58 Para model FAL battle carbine, which complements shorter barrels and more compact and tactical looking battle rifle builds given the addition of rails.


  • FAL Handguard Base (platform dependent)
  • Para Gas Tube
  • Carry Handle Spacer
  • Para Handguard
  • 1" and 7/8" Front Sight Blocks


  • Magfed paintball marker
  • 5" #10-24 machine screw
  • 2" #10-24 machine screw
  • M5 threaded heat insert (M17)
  • M6 x 35mm machine screw and nut (Hurricane)
  • M6 x 45mm machine screw and nut (Hurricane)

This is a Digital Armory item, you will receive a downloadable design file (STL or STEP) to print yourself. Nothing will be shipped to you. Choose STL if you just want to print yourself, choose STEP if you want to modify the design for your own build.

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