There I'lluently Asked Questions

After years of doing this, you'd think it would've been smart of me to have a section that answers the questions I get all the time... but nope. Until now!

How long until my order ships?

Here is the official shipping policy: SHIPPING POLICY

My general lead time is 10 business days, or two weeks. I am a family man, so holidays in the US will impact lead time. Since I'm a government employee, I get all the holidays, even the WTF ones, so keep that in mind. It takes so long because I have been unsuccessful in building inventory, 3D printing takes a lot of time, and I print everything in a queue of first come, first served. After an item is printed, it needs to be cleaned of support material, inspected for print quality, then assembled and function tested. Some kits are quite extensive to put together, and I must stress that I am a one man band with the Magfed Maker mission. Sometimes the print quality is less than my standards and needs to be restarted. There have been a few times when my lead time has gone over the two weeks, and I'll generally contact you in those cases to explain why. If you're ever curious how it's going, do feel free to e-mail me at magfedmaker@gmail.com or hit me up on Facebook/Messenger. I understand that even bad news is better than no news, and pride myself in good comms and prompt replies.

Do you ship to... and if so how much?

US states and territories receive free shipping on orders over $100, but is a standard $8usd for anything else. This covers either First Class or Priority via USPS, with tracking. Canada players are charged $18usd for GlobalPost Priority shipping on most kits, but $25usd for the same service on larger, heavier kits. This includes insurance and door to door tracking. Unfortunately, I can no longer ship overseas. After COVID and BrExit, things changed and it became too expensive with too long of waits for orders in transit.


What is your return policy?

I like to think I'm pretty liberal about returns, though I haven't had to handle many. There will be a "restocking" fee of 20%. I will process your refund within 30 days of you receiving the item for any reason. Here is a link to the full return policy: RETURN POLICY Shipping will be refunded (if any was paid) to cover return shipping. If shipping was not paid for, return shipping is the responsibility of the buyer, and will not be reimbursed. I also ask that you offer a little feedback if the return is due to dissatisfaction. If it's after 30 days, I will offer store credit, and not refund any shipping.


Do you have offer a warranty?

Not "officially" as I don't want people trying to take advantage of fine print. If your item breaks due to normal use (taking a dive into a bunker or being thrown in a gear bag) I'll request details and pics. If it's something I can improve, I'll adjust the design and ship you a replacement part for as long as I'm still printing. If it can't be improved and just comes with the territory as 3D printing is simply not as good as traditional manufacturing processes, then I'll send a straight replacement. So... kinda lifetime? E-mail me or Facebook/Messenger me and I'll do what I can to take care of the people that support Magfed Maker. This includes people that acquire Magfed Maker kits from a third party like secondhand markers. So if you're looking to sell your marker with cool MM prints on it, be sure to tell the next guy their kit's covered for as long as I'm around. And I think at this point I've had the most staying power out of all the magfed printing guys.