Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use the Digital Armory design files?

You will choose whether to purchase the STL or STEP file. If you only intend to print your items as they have been designed by me, then you will import the STL into your slicer program of choice. If you intend on modifying the design in any way, you will want the STEP file. This allows for direct modelling via CAD software. STLs can be edited via mesh programs like Blender, but it's not preferred as you may have difficulty keeping dimensions.

Speaking of dimensions, all my designs are setup in MM format, so if you find the files to be the wrong size on import, check the dimension settings on your slicer or whatever program you're using them in.

Can I share the Digital Armory design files?

I ask that you don't share them online, but if you want to pass them to a buddy at the field so they can mod their markers, that's cool with me! Definitely do not try to sell them. I won't be attaching licenses or seeking damages if I find files are getting put online, I'll probably just stop making stuff if it becomes less than mutually beneficial for all of us. So I'm just trusting all the people that support Magfed Maker's efforts, as I'm not pricing these out of anyone's budget, it helps me keep on designing new stuff, and isn't making wealthy companies wealthier by hosting them on Cults or Etsy. If you modify the STEP file substantially, than that's yours to do with as you see fit, including selling it. But that means adding value to the design, not making a few tweaks.

Are my Digital Armory designs guaranteed to be printable?

Kinda. Everything I have in the Digital Armory has been printed and used by either myself or other players. However, I can't know everyone's familiarity with the 3D printing process so your mileage may vary, and I can only offer limited advice in getting items to print. There are so many different 3D printers, and I only have experience with a handful of them. I will work with you to a degree, but I'm not a printing expert. I know it will print on MY machine, and that it fits/functions the way I printed it, but I can't guarantee it will work for you.

Why do you design your rails with an angled face?

I personally called them "dragon teeth" and I became attached to the style. The purpose behind it was to avoid support material between rails while still being compatible with most rail accessories. If you don't like them, I suggest buying the STEP files and you can model spec rails should you prefer.

How long until my order ships?

Hardware packets and printed items should ship within two business days of the order placed. Your Digital Armory files should be immediately available. If they are not or something appears to be missing, please let me know!

Do you ship to... and if so how much?

I am only shipping in the US, and standard shipping is "free". If you desire a faster method, or want to try to convince me to fill out a customs form, please contact me.

What is your return policy?

All sales are final, to include hardware packs, printed items and Digital Armory design files.

Do you have offer a warranty?

Not "officially" as I don't want people trying to take advantage of fine print. If your item breaks due to normal use (taking a dive into a bunker or being thrown in a gear bag) I'll request details and pics. If it's something I can improve, I'll adjust the design and ship you a replacement part for as long as I'm still printing. If it can't be improved and just comes with the territory as 3D printing is simply not as good as traditional manufacturing processes, then I'll send a straight replacement. So... kinda lifetime? E-mail me or Facebook/Messenger me and I'll do what I can to take care of the people that support Magfed Maker. This includes people that acquire Magfed Maker kits from a third party like secondhand markers. So if you're looking to sell your marker with cool MM prints on it, be sure to tell the next guy their kit's covered for as long as I'm around. And I think at this point I've had the most staying power out of all the magfed printing guys.