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Dragunov SVD Stock - EMF100

Dragunov SVD Stock - EMF100

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This stock is an homage to the classic Soviet area sniper rifle, and designed for the EMF100. It can fit in newer Bloc Series AK/Dragunov/Specialist bodies, the Hydra body, and stock EMF100s that are PWR stock compatible. Boundary box of body is 255mm x 156mm for people wondering if this stock will print on their printer.


  • Stock Body
  • Cheek Rest
  • Palm Rest
  • Buttplate (recommend to print with flexible filament)


  • PE EMF100 paintball marker
  • 2x M4 x 20mm machine screw
  • 2x M5 x 16mm machine screw
  • 2x M3 x 40mm machine screw and nut

This is a Digital Armory item, you will receive a downloadable design file (STL or STEP) to print yourself. Nothing will be shipped to you. Choose STL if you just want to print yourself, choose STEP if you want to modify the design for your own build.

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