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Helix/DMAG Magwell - M17

Helix/DMAG Magwell - M17

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Utilize DMAG and/ord Helix magazines in your Valken/Milsig M17 marker. This magwell uses a "ball on deck" system to make up for the collarless mag on the M17 which was designed to use collared mags. This means the last ball in each mag will not feed into the chamber, and instead be held in place by a rubber detent during mag changes. To prevent FSR flips during mag changes, it is recommended to load the FIRST two rounds in every mag as tough shelled regular paintballs (in other words, those two rounds will feed LAST). If all goes well, you'll also know when your mag is empty because the last round fired will be a regular paintball.

The magcatch is semi ambidextrous, allowing you to use either trigger finger. 

You will still need to give the mags a firm insertion and/or a quick love tap to get the nice "click" into place.

No modding of the mags is required.


  • DMAG/Helix Magwell
  • M17 Feedneck Adapter
  • Ball Retention Detent
  • Magcatch


  • Valken/Milsig M17
  • MCS DMAG/Helix magazines
  • M2.5 x 25mm machine screw
  • 6mm wide x 15mm long stiff spring (pen spring might work)
  • Ball Retention Detents must be printed using flexible material

This is a Digital Armory item, you will receive a downloadable design file (STL or STEP) to print yourself. Nothing will be shipped to you. Choose STL if you just want to print yourself, choose STEP if you want to modify the design for your own build.

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