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DA T15 Magwell (AK Style) - Various

DA T15 Magwell (AK Style) - Various

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Open up your mag compatibility with the T15 magwell for your Valken/Milsig M17 or Tacamo Hurricane. FSR and paintball ready. Works with V2 mags out of the box, no notching required, but V1 mags will need some sanding/filing inside the magwell to fit.

Hurricane Variant Only: FSR can be finicky, so be prepared to do a little filing/sanding of the feedpath for optimal results. You will also need to replace the front magwell/body  fastener on the Hurricane body with included hardware.

M17 Variant Only: Due to the lack of feedneck on T15 mags, this magwell does utilize a "Ball On Deck" system, it will not feed the last ball in a stack, retaining it in the feedneck insert. It is recommended to insert two balls into the chamber before loading a full mag so that you may get a full mag's use every time.

FSR Advice: Load a regular paintball FIRST into your mag to avoid flipping FSR when changing magazines. This will ensure the last ball left in the feedneck will be a paintball, which is flip-proof.


  • Magwell
  • Proprietary Feedneck Insert (M17 Variant)
  • Magcatch/Paddle
  • Ball Retention Detent


  • Valken/Milsig M17 CQC/PMC/Elite/A2
  • Tacamo Hurricane/MKP2
  • 3D Printer
  • T15 Magazine


  • 1" long, 1/8" wide spring, a bit cut to assist the paddle
  • 1/8" wide, 1" long roll pin
  • M2.5x25mm machine screw
  • 3mmx16mm smooth pin
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