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AK/Krinkov Handguard Bases - Various

AK/Krinkov Handguard Bases - Various

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These handguard bases are compatible with AK/Krinkov Bloc Series handguards and front blocks. Included are both the AK and Krinkov length bases. Without a rear sight attachment, the rail on the handguard base will be flush with the rail on each platform.


  • AK Handguard Base
  • Krinkov Handguard Base
  • Mounting tabs where applicable
  • Vortex variant includes Magfed Maker Vortex Barrel Block


  • Bloc Series Front Block
  • Bloc Series Handguards*
  • Various mounting hardware dependent on platform**
  • 6-8" #10-24 machine screw (dependent on length of handguard)

* You may be able to get airsoft or real steel handguards to attach using the Bloc Series bases and front blocks, but due to variances in manufacture between them all, it is not guaranteed so "your mileage may vary" ;)

**Mounting hardware

AR Barrel Block (T15/468/CQMF)
M3 x 30mm machine screw and nut
MCS Hurricane
M6 x 30mm machine screw
M6 x 45mm machine screw
2x M6 nut
MCS Vortex
M3 x 40mm machine screw and nut
Tippmann Stormer
M3 threaded heat insert
M3 x 8mm machine screw
M3 x 30mm machine screw and nut
Tippmann TMC
M4 x 35mm machine screw and nut
Valken/Milsig M17
2x M5 threaded heat insert

This is a Digital Armory item, you will receive a downloadable design file (STL or STEP) to print yourself. Nothing will be shipped to you. Choose STL if you just want to print yourself, choose STEP if you want to modify the design for your own build.

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