Success, Problems and Adjustments

Wow, as my two printers pump away the big stuff first: magwells, I can't help but reflect on the reception Magfed Maker has received. Thank you all so much, and know that I've been inspired and validated that this is what magfed needs. The Victor is only the beginning, comrades. Some of you have already seen snippets of the next projects I'll be releasing into the wild once my production normalizes.

The more observational may have noticed my typo above. It's not a typo. I've received some advice to avoid any potential lawsuits and whatnot by avoiding the use of actual firearm model names. So from here on out, I will be going to direction of many a virtual gun collections and making creative similar names for all our mod kits.

Status update: All hardware (nuts, bolts, springs...) is ordered, 2 printers are pumping out magwells and a third is pumping out flexible feednecks. These two things take the most time. With the revenues from this pre-order I've put it all right back into enabling Magfed Maker to better service the mod community by purchasing another printer. Not even a week in business, and we're already expanding. The 4th machine won't be up and running until after Dominion, but will definitely assist in reducing the lead time for all your parts!

As a result of the success of this launch, I've also decided to extend the pre-order pricing until I ship the first batch come mid-March. As it turns out, my system hasn't been charging any extra for Canadian shipping, but as a thank you to the fans and an apology for maple money sucking right now, I will honor all past orders to Canada as free shipping. However, I have increased the cost for international and Canada as I've been running shipping quotes and seeing the real-world costs. If you already have an order, you have nothing to worry about, no adjustments will be made. Only moving forward for this company!

Some other adjustments some of you may see is I've enabled local currency for some of our international clientele, so no more guess work, just click by the search bar what currency you prefer to use!

Last but not least, I've started a rewards program to celebrate the successful launch. 33 orders over the weekend far surpassed what I had projected, and I thank you all for making this possible. I would suggest to everyone that they make an account on the site, as the first 33 orders on account will receive 330 Mod Points. That's just to get you started, for me to say thank you, and from here on out every dollar invested towards modding your magfed markers will earn you points that will help you continue the mod life.

Thank you all once again, we are all part of something amazing here.

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