What is Magfed Maker?

My name is Ray Laskowski, and I am a Magfed Maker

What is a maker? This may be an unfamiliar term for some people, as I don't believe it's been commonly applied to paintball, let alone the magfed niche. In the 3D printing and hobbyist community, a maker is a person that involves themselves in a DIY (Do It Yourself) culture. I think a more recognizable term for our growing community is "modder". I've embraced this title as the modder formally known as "Cheshire" back in the early 201x's, where I was active on the X7OG.net and MilSimEmpire.com forums, so I've got a bit of customization pedigree.

So why call myself a maker now? I want to fully embrace the "maker movement", a culture of people doing what they've only dreamed about, and sharing it with others to inspire them to take charge of their own dreams as well. While it's not exclusive to the maker movement, a common theme is the concept of "Open Source". I personally believe that true innovation and evolution is expedited by the sharing of ideas and concepts, rather than the leveraging of them. This is beyond modding, this is the making of magfed history.

Magfed Revolution meets Magfed Evolution

Back to the original question: What have you been fortunate enough to stumble upon? This is the future of magfed paintball; where we the players share control of the direction of innovation. Not only do I intend to start offering my designs for others to enjoy, but I want to inspire others to do the same, and truly empower all players to realize that anything is possible with a dremel and a dream.

Simply put, here is what you will find on this page (some now, some later)

  • Unique mods ready to go
  • Exotic total conversions of markers
  • Open source designs for you to implement yourself or play around with
  • Full support for all products
  • Immersive content to instill a maker's spirit in all of us



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