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Victor Kit - Various

Victor Kit - Various

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Color Option 1 is the magwell
Color Option 2 is the handguard
Color Opiton 3 is the stock
Color Option 4 is the pistol grip (M17 only)

Turn your marker into an exotic SMG inspired by the one and only Kriss Vector. This complete mod kit includes all four pieces (plus hardware) you need to complete the style of one of the strangest/coolest looking guns to date. This also converts your M17 marker to utilize Zeta, PMC, and Trufeed* magazines.

Note that due to the magwell using collarless mags, there is a "ball on deck" system on the M17 version that retains 1-2 rounds after a mag is emptied. This may take some getting used to, similar to the Milsig PMC magwell and 468 operating systems. Common advice when using FSR is to load two hard shelled roundball into a mag before FSR, this will reduce flips when changing mags. The Hurricane version does not have this issue.



  • Converts your marker to utilize "pistol" mags such as Zetamag, PMC mags and TiPX mags*
  • Ambidextrous magazine release
  • Compact Handguard
  • Integrated Ergo Grip
  • Minimalist Buttstock
  • Lightweight


  • Magwell
  • Handguard
  • Grip Connector (Hurricane Variant)
  • Pistol Grip (M17 Variant)
  • HPA or Remote Line Buttstock


  • Tacamo Hurricane/MKP2
  • HPA Tank or Remote Line Buffer Tube (depending on stock option)
  • Valken/Milsig M17 CQC/PMC/A2
* TiPX Trufeed magazines will need a hole cut into the side of the magazines. See this video:
Due to the digital nature of these designs, shipped product may differ slightly from displayed product. Any significant changes will be noted. Kits only include printed parts, not markers or accessories shown in images.

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