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Versa Handguard - TMC

Versa Handguard - TMC

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Give your TMC an ergonomic upgrade with the Versa Handguard! This piece features a smooth delta shape with finger grooves along the bottom to make for a comfy grip and sexy curves. This handguard, like most other Magfed Maker Handguards, is a direct bolt on replacement for the factory handguard that does not require any adapters and attaches securely allowing for smaller aftermarket barrels. The bottom features MLOK. The sides have holes for attaching rail sections.


  • Modern aesthetic
  • Lightweight
  • 230mm length
  • MLOK bottom interface



  • Versa Handguard,  9"



  • Tippmann TMC

Take care when using 3D printed MLOK or KeyMod rail slots. Printed items can not be torqued to spec or tightened without risking some cracking. Snug items on, and avoid dropping your marker or breaking your fall with it. For a more robust part that you expect to add a lot of accessories to, ask for "Quad Rail" instead :)

Due to the digital nature of these designs, shipped product may differ slightly from displayed product. Any significant changes will be noted. Only printed pieces are included, not any markers or accessories unless otherwise noted.

As items are printed to order, there is a standard 10 business day lead time from order placed to order shipped.

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