Victor Stock - HPA Tank

We magfed players love our air on our markers, as it makes for the perfect balance of maneuverability and capacity for our style of efficient paint slinging. However, we're often stuck with the same old AR15 variant carbine stocks. There are a daring few that offer something different, and Magfed Maker is one of them. While this stock is inspired by the Kriss Vector, that doesn't mean you have to play by the rules. Put this on your CQB build, pistol build or really wherever your imagination leads you.

No guide rods, bars or nipples here. You just torque this baby down on the end of most 13ci sized HPA tanks and you're good to go. Light, tight and ready to fight style.

Tan items are not indicative of Flat Dark Earth. For a comparison, please see the front page ( for an accurate example of Flat Dark Earth. We are experiencing a supply challenge and will eventually be moving over to Flat Dark Earth exclusively, Coyote Tan (the tan in most pics here) is no longer available.

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