Shawshank Muzzle - TMC

  • Shawshank Muzzle - TMC
  • Magfed Maker Shawshank Muzzle in FDE on factory handguard
  • Shawshank Muzzle - TMC

Break free from boring handguard profiles with the Shawshank Muzzle device. This aggressively styled piece attaches to your factory handguard or the Magfed Maker Shawshank handguard with no tools so you can access your barrel (up to 12" with the factory handguard, Shawshank Handguards vary) on the field, while maintaining a solid connection. The muzzle tip is printed using a soft, flexible material to withstand abuse or a loving barrel tag.


  • Durable, flexible muzzle prongs
  • Attaches to either TMC factory handguard or MM "Shawshank" handguard.
  • Tool-less install and removal for accessing the barrel on field
  • Adds 4" length to your handguard



  • Shawshank Muzzle



  • Tippmann TMC
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