Ratel Handguard - TMC

  • Ratel 6.5" Handguard in FDE with Universal Faux Suppressor
  • Ratel Handguard - TMC

A shorter, less rail-ey handguard for your TMC that lets you change up the color and style without getting messy using Rit dye! Easily replaces your stock handguard and allows for faux suppressors and the Apex 2 to be installed inside the handguard to achieve the integrated suppressor look.



  • Smooth sided handguard for comfortable grip
  • MLOK slots on the bottom and sides for additional accessories
  • Large mouth internal diameter to fit faux suppressors and Apex 2
  • 6.5" or 12" Length, 40mm inner diameter


  • Ratel Handguard
  • Optional Univesal Faux Suppressor
  • Optional End Cap (shown on the 12" model)


  • Tippmann TMC

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