PDW-K "Stout" Handguard - M17

  • PDW-K "Stout" Handguard - M17
  • PDW-K "Stout" Handguard - M17

This is a slightly longer, but slightly sleeker, variant of the PDW-K handguard. You can hide up to a 7" barrel, but the shorter you go, the more the front of the Stout nose acts as a loundener. This is only for the handguard shown, other printed parts such as the top cover and pistol grip are sold separately. 



Milsig M17 CQC/PMC*

Milsig SMG


* The top of the handguard will not match the stock rail on CQC/PMC variants, so you may want to consider buying together with a German Top Cover. 

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