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MP68 "G3 Triangle" Handguard - M17

MP68 "G3 Triangle" Handguard - M17

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Bring on the battle rifles! A full sized rifle handguard option for your marker to emulate iconic firearms such as the G3A3, HK91, HK21, PSG-1, HK33 and G41. Slightly modified to allow for shorter, more useful and common paintball barrels.


  • Compatible with HK "Claw Mount" accessories
  • 4 Bottom MLOK slots for accessories
  • 7/8" or 1" barrel diameter compatible
  • Built in front sight



  • MP68 Rifle Base
  • Front Sights (7/8" and 1")
  • G3 Triangle handguard



  • Milsig M17 CQC/PMC*
  • Milsig M17 SMG
  • At least 14" of barrel

* The top "tube" of the MP68 handguard will be taller than the stock M17 rail, so it is recommended to purchase along with the MP68 Top Cover - M17


Due to the digital nature of these designs, shipped product may differ slightly from displayed product. Any significant changes will be noted. Only printed pieces are included, not any markers or accessories unless otherwise noted.

As items are printed to order, there is a standard 10 business day lead time from order placed to order shipped.

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