Milsig M17A2 Maker Edition

  • Milsig M17A2 Maker Edition
  • Milsig M17A2 Maker Edition

The Maker Edition of the M17A2 has several new features that advance the capabilities of an already capable marker. A full suite of maker tools are utilized to produce a killer rig. The body is CNCed to allow for M5 Hybrid head magazines using the standard magwell, and Tippmann/Zeta magazines with a Magfed Maker magwell. Standard mags and Magfed Maker magwells will still work as well. The bolt is also CNCed to cut the proven "ramp mod" on the bottom face, which allows the front of the bolt to softly push the next stacked round out of the way rather than clipping it. Great for FSR shooting. The detent is relocated to a 3D printed hopper port cover and is adjustable to prevent double feeds using smaller diameter paintballs, or to give FSR a straighter path into the barrel. The detent cover is replaced with a laser cut and engraved clear acrylic to allow the player to see inside the breech and ensure a solid chambering for when a shot really counts. The CNC work is irreversible, but backward compatible with squarehead magazines. This also officially voids the factory warranty, but Magfed Maker will stand by it's products and services to the best of it's ability.

The M17 A2 runs on a fully mechanical and internally regulated blow forward system called the HeatCore. The HeatCore has made its name with its extreme ease of maintenance, reliability, and unmatched consistency. While the HEAT Core is best known for its mechanical Full Auto function, its superb +/- fps consistency over the chronograph has won over many long range shooters where stable velocities are a must for accurate shooting.

The M17 A2 features MILSIGs new breech system which has been lengthened and widened to create an extremely stable feed path for today’s shaped projectiles. The M17 A2 accepts all current Square Head magazines from MILSIG plus the dozens of accessories available for previous models.

The M17 A2 makes use of its predecessors' updates and brings more features to the M17 platform:

  • Polymer formula updated (TWO times in 2014)
  • Steel reinforced grip frame (2015)
  • Safety updated with Sear Pawl and Selector Switch Cam to block Sear (2015)
  • Bolt updated (several times) (2014, 15, 16)
  • Tighter bore barrel (2015)
  • Ambidextrous safety (2015)
  • BRH Plug (2016)
  • Integrated Top Rail (2017)
  • New MagWell with an extra cross bolt to prevent rocking (2017)
  • New Enlarged Breech for better FSR feeding (2017)
  • Ramped bolt face to improve FSR feeding (2020 Maker Edition Exclusive)
  • CNC milled chamber to allow for M5 Hybrid head insertion (2020 Maker Edition Exclusive)
  • Laser cut chamber viewing window (2020 Maker Edition Exclusive)
  • 3D Printed hopper port cover with adjustable detent

*Please note that the M17A2 no longer includes the BRH or Hopper Kit.


  • Length: 27″
  • Weight: 5.0 lbs
  • Polymer composite encased steel construction
  • 2 pin field strip take down
  • Mechanical Full Auto
  • Interchangeable AR-15 style grip
  • Fire selector switch/safety
  • Ambidextrous magazine release

Package includes:

  • M17 A2 Marker
  • Barrel Plug
  • 20 Round Squarehead Magazine
  • MATS 13ci compatible buttstock
  • Flip-up sights
  • 190mm Smoothbore Bull Barrel
  • 2x spare chamber viewing windows