M14 EBR Magwell - M17

This is just the magwell from the M14 EBR Kit, for more individual or custom builds! This is about as low-profile as a magwell can get, it even has an inverted latch (pull away from magazine rather than push towards) to tuck the whole thing up close to the body.


• Magwell



• Squarehead compatible. Purpose built for the Grizen magazine, but also works with standard Milsig squarehead magazines.

• Ambidextrous reverse latch. Multiple ways to release the mag, slide your thumb between the mag and latch to pull out mags, or use your shooting hand to reach and pull back for quicker mag changes in tight spots (snipers, try it out)

• Emergency release. Give the mag a hard enough push forward, and you can pull the mag out without even touching the latch. It's not a bug, it's a FEATURE!*



• Milsig M17 CQC or PMC only. Due to the small frame, there will not be an XDC/K-Series version with the hopper port cover cutout.

* It's actually a symptom of the inverted latch mechanism. GMAGs are recommended, as the longer mags are more likely to get bumped out of place. It does require a bit of force, but still something to be aware of to avoid. This also aids in preventing breaks under a fall scenario.

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