M14 EBR Kit - M17

  • M14 EBR Kit - M17
  • M14 EBR Kit - M17

When you're wanting to reach out and touch someone, why not give them a ring from your designated marksman rifle? The M14 EBR kit turns your M17 into the specialized, purpose-built and duty proven "EBR" version of the classic M14 rifle. This complete kit has everything you need to turn an M17 into one of the most iconic rifles of all time, and has some nifty features as well. Due to the various pieces to this kit, you must select your preferred color for each part. The shroud is the larger section with the rails, while the Handguard is the small cover piece in the back.


Handguard w/ cover


Top Cover

HCS-compatible stock (requires Milsig HCS to use)


• Handguard ready for barrels as short as the Marksman Stalker, or as thick as the Marksman Bull Barrel. Perfect for the new Marksman Predator barrel!

• Removable faux gas tube with front sight for multiple barrel options, to include integral suppressor styles

• MLOK compatible** handguard for mounting accessories such as AFGs and vert grips

• Minimalist squarehead magwell

• 3° rail on top cover for optics, straight riser and rear sight for the top cover

• Collapsible stock with adjustable cheek piece



• Milsig M17A2/CQC/PMC

• Milsig HCS

Kit does not include any accessories such as bipods, grips, muzzles, optics or magazines; also does not include base marker, only 3D printed parts listed above.

* This kit is designed specifically for the Milsig M17 CQC/PMC/A2. It will not work for XDC/Para/SMG variants. Most individual parts from the kit do have special variants for these models of M17, so please purchase separately!

Tan items are not indicative of Flat Dark Earth. For a comparison, please see the front page (www.magfedmaker.com) for an accurate example of Flat Dark Earth. We are experiencing a supply challenge and will eventually be moving over to Flat Dark Earth exclusively, Coyote Tan (the tan in most pics here) is no longer available.

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