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FAL "Tactical" Kit - Various

FAL "Tactical" Kit - Various

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Turn your marker into the Right Arm of the Free World! The complete FAL kit offers a total conversion for a proper battle rifle experience. It features a universal handguard mounting system that not only allows you to share parts with other FAL styles, but also with other marker platforms.

This tactical variant updates the Cold War era relic with modern interfaces such as KeyMod, MLOK and picatinney rails. The top cover snaps on and bolts down for a secure fitting that serves as a rail riser while maintaining the adjustable rear sight. A minimalist magwell that can be used by either hand including your trigger finger. FAL style pistol grip and Para style HPA stock to truly set your marker apart from the swamp of AR clones.

Note that the “carry handle” is only present for aesthetics. It will swivel and be tempting to use, and may even hold while stationary, but any stress will likely cause it to fail. For those that must use the carry handle, there is an replacement part available through the MFT program that is made from sintered nylon. This part will accept the load, but comes at a cost. Link here:
The carry handle will be the same color as the handguard, unless you make a note otherwise under “gift notes”

  • FAL “Tactical” Handguard w/ “Carry Handle”
  • FAL “Tactical” Top Cover
  • FAL Magwell
  • FAL Pistol Grip
  • FAL “Para” HPA Stock
  • Milsig M17A2
  • Milsig M17 CQC
  • Milsig M17 PMC
  • 9/10/13/17/22ci HPA Tank
  • At least 14” barrel (Nemesis users can use the 10” with tip installed, select 1” diameter)

Take care when using 3D printed MLOK or KeyMod rail slots. Printed items can not be torqued to spec or tightened without risking some cracking. Snug items on, and avoid dropping your marker or breaking your fall with it. For a more robust part that you expect to add a lot of accessories to, ask for "Quad Rail" instead :)

Due to the digital nature of these designs, shipped product may differ slightly from displayed product. Any significant changes will be noted. Only printed pieces are included, not any markers or accessories unless otherwise noted.

As items are printed to order, there is a standard 10 business day lead time from order placed to order shipped.

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