Athena Mod Kit - TMC

  • Magfed Maker Athena CQR kit in Red and Black on TMC
  • Athena Mod Kit - TMC
  • Athena Mod Kit - TMC

Give your TMC a radically different style and prepare for war by summoning Athena. This kit features the popular thumbhole AR stock and AFG inspired by the CQR furniture. It is specifically designed for the TMC marker and thus is a direct bolt on replacement for your pistol grip, stock and handguard. 

Color Option 1 is for the Handguard

Color Option 2 is for the Front Grip

Color Option 3 is for the Stock/Grip Body

Color Option 4 is for the Stock "Trim"


  • Thumbhole stock and grip
  • Adjustable length stock
  • 3 QD mount points
  • Modern aesthetic
  • Lightweight



  • Athena Handguard (Bottom Rail only, other version must be purchased separate)
  • Athena Angled Forward Grip
  • Athena Stock/Grip



  • Tippmann TMC with grip ASA
Due to the digital nature of these designs, shipped product may differ slightly from displayed product. Any significant changes will be noted. Only printed pieces are included, not any markers or accessories unless otherwise noted.

As items are printed to order, there is a standard 10 business day lead time from order placed to order shipped.

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