APC-68 Kit - M17

  • APC-68 Kit - M17
  • APC-68 Kit - M17
  • APC-68 Kit - M17

Inspiredy the latest development for the military's PDW entry, the APC-68 Mod Kit enhances the CQB style of your M17 marker. Compatible with the CQC, PMC, and A2 variants (Both Milsig and Valken), but requiring the Maker Edition to utilize the new magwell. However, you can get it without the magwell if you don't yet have your marker Maker Edition'ed. Features an integrated top rail riser with two lengths of handguards, and a new collapsible PDW stock compatible with remote lines or HPA bottles that does not require an existing HCS assembly. The magwell allows you to use Zeta and (modded) TruFeed magazines while feeding the entire magazine, not having to utilize ball on deck nonsense.



  • Handguard (K or Pro Variant)
  • Top Rail Riser
  • Zeta/Trufeed Magwell (optional)
  • Pistol Grip
  • PDW Stock



  • Milsig/Valken M17A2/CQC/PMC
  • 90° Remote line nipple ASA or 2" OD HPA tank
  • Magwell requires "Maker Edition" M17 and Zeta or TruFeed mags
  • Metric hex wrench set


Items are printed to order and have the usual 10 business day lead time. Actual product may be slightly different than pictured as designs are often adjusted over time, but major changes will be noted.