AK-100 Handguard - Various

  • AK100 Handguard - Hurricane
  • AK100 Handguard 0 M17

***Now includes Tactical railed handguards instead of AK-74 style as shown***,

see here : https://magfedmaker.com/products/ak100-handguards


Begin your modern AK rig with this AK-100 series Handguard. Includes the Bloc System and a printed set of handguards so you can build the rest to your liking.

Color Option 1 is the handguard base/front block frame  color Option 2 is the upper handguard  Color Option 3 is the Lower Handguard.


  • Bloc System frame - Multiple parts, multiple markers
  • Rails? Got 'em!
  • Integrated Front Sight
  • Can use most barrels up to 1" in diameter



  • Milsig M17 CQC/PMC/A2
  • Milsig M17 SMG*
  • Tacamo Hurricane
  • Tippmann TMC
  • At least 12" of barrel

* The rear rail section is designed to line up with the stock CQC rail. For the SMG, it is recommended to purchase with the AK Top Cover. Actually, you should probably just buy that anyway, what AK is complete without it?!

Due to the digital nature of these designs, shipped product may differ slightly from displayed product. Any significant changes will be noted. Only printed pieces are included, not any markers or accessories unless otherwise noted.

As items are printed to order, there is a standard 10 business day lead time from order placed to order shipped.