ACR - Magwell (TMC) - M17


This magwell is designed to not only add some style with modern ACR cues, but give your M17 the ability to utilize Tippmann TMC magazines for non FSR shooters wanting a cheaper magazine option. This magwell does not require you to modify your TMC mags, though you may want to remove the metal clips from the front/top lip, as they are prone to getting knocked off in use. Due to the TMC mag's feedneck-less design, one ball will remain between the magazine and chamber, but an included detent will hold the last ball in place while you reload. To feed an entire magazine, insert a ball or two into the chamber before inserting your first mag of the day.

Because this is TMC mag capable, it is NOT FSR capable. Paintballs only.

Full auto is possible, but not recommended due to the TMC mags reported to not keep up with high rates of fire. 


  • Ambidextrous mag release
  • Trigger finger actuated
  • Utilize Tippmann TMC magazines
  • Modern ACR style



  • Magwell
  • Feedneck insert



  • Milsig M17

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