ACR Stock - HCS

This is a creative take on the ACR assault rifle stock that utilizes the Milsig HCS system. While it doesn't fold (sorry!) it does collapse and extend while leaving the cheek rest in place. Also has a soft, curved butt plate for increased shoulder comfort over the factory HCS buttplate. This stock includes a fresh set of HCS steel rods so that you don't have to chop up your OEM gear, and installation is a breeze.


  • Sexy curves!
  • Larger, softer buttplate for comfort
  • Sling attachment point
  • Collapsible
  • Remote or HPA compatible*



  • Cheek Rest
  • Butt Plate
  • Pre-installed HCS Steel Rods



  • Milsig HCS
  • Milsig M17**


* The butt plate will fit around a common 13ci HPA tank, but the cheek rest must be removed in this configuration.

** The Cheek Rest is dimensioned around a Milsig M17 series marker. While this stock may work on other markers, it has not been tested and can not be guaranteed to fit.

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