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**June 2022 Update**

AK Bloc System is getting a major overhaul! Now you can AK-ify your T15, 468, Vortex, Bolt/Blizzard and Stormer. Also, new handguard options. Forgive the pics, I'm getting them sorted as I go, it's a LOT of new content. A new color option as well, I'm calling it "Venom", it's a bright yellow green that looks pretty wicked.

International shipping is no longer, but I am offering purchase of 3MF design files of the more popular requests so that they may be printed locally. 

All parts and/or kits are made to order via 3D printing, so lead times are generally 10 business days from the time your order is placed. Enjoy browsing all we have to offer, and may your magfed dreams come true!