Meet Your Makers

The Mission

Magfed Maker is a fresh approach to paintball. We specialize in offering the inspiration and power for players to accomplish mods for their markers once only the stuff of dreams and/or airsoft envy. We are based in California's Central Valley, where innovation and exciting new technology is no stranger. As a passionate modder, I will strive to change the entire modding environment for our growing corner of the paintball world. A bright future is ahead for gun nuts and magfed afficionados alike!

The Man

My name is Ray Laskowski. I've been playing paintball since 2009, and very quickly took to magfed as my primary style. Prior to paintball, I served in the US Marine Corps for 4.5 years (had to add a little time at the end to deploy to Iraq for a 3rd time) and have been a firearm enthusiast (gun nut) since I was a child. This helps explain why I chose magfed. For me, it's a way to enjoy my old hobby of collecting and shooting exotic guns, but without the extreme safety hazards, expense of ammunition and woes of moving from Nevada to California (I had to get rid of a lot of toys).

You may know me as The Modder Formally Known As Cheshire. My first marker was a Tippmann (duh) X7, and after my first game I took it home and chopped up an airsoft SCAR to make my paintball marker feel more "realistic". Thus began my modding career. I think I made a name for myself online when I took a BT TM7, used a QLoader system and an airsoft AKSU-74 to make a very realistic PP-19 Bizon subgun. Many more mods came after that, and you can find them in the depths of the internet (maybe, a lot of sites are defunct now). I'll probably get around to posting a few pics as I dredge them from my personal archives. I quickly moved away from hoppers and now am exclusively magfed with my collection. I have absolutely nothing against hoppers, nor the people that use them, I just have a personal preference for utilizing magazines in my own paintball markers.

I took a lot of time off of paintball while I began a relationship with a beautiful young woman, bought a house and continued my college education, but I was always tinkering here and there, and getting a few chances to play. I've always dreamt of being able to make cool markers full time, perhaps even for a living. This is my first step into the business end of paintball, and I want to bring all my concepts to the table.

Being a former Marine, I live by Honor, Courage and Commitment. I intend to incorporate these values into what Magfed Maker will become: Honorable service, courageous innovation and commitment to the community.

The Machine

(insert picture of dremel here)

A dremel and a dream. That is what I started with.

(insert picture of TAZ here)

Last year, I decided it was time to evolve with the times and master the future of personal manufacturing: 3d printing. My latest tool is a Lulzbot TAZ 5. According to the company that makes these (Alpeh Objects), it is an industrial-grade desktop printer. What this means to you and I is that this machine is designed to run and not stop. It is capable of printing any thermoplastic that can be extruded under 300 degrees Celsius. It has dual extruders for more complex/multi-material parts, and flexible filament capability for utilizing the latest in rubber-like thermoplastics (NinjaFlex, TPE). All that fluff means that the only limit is our imagination for what is possible in the future of magfed paintball.