Mercenary Handguard - Milsig

The Mercenary handguard was made to complement the Mercenary magwell for a proper KAC SR47 style. The 12" handguard makes for great DMR and even LVOA style builds, while the 9" is perfect for CQB or carbine rigs. It features plenty of room for accessories and has space inside to fit either an APEX2 or Milsig mock suppressor to get the popular "integral" look. The 12" MLOK variant is shown, but it can also be printed in KeyMod or Quad Rail variants.


  • 9" or 12"
  • MLOK, KeyMod or Quad Rail
  • 40mm ID in the front to fit APEX2 or Milsig Mock Suppressor
  • No adapter needed, rails are flush with M17A2/CQC/PMC



  • Mercenary Handguard



  • Milsig M17A2, CQC, PMC
  • Milsig M17 SMG*

*While the handguard will mount on the SMG, you may have to cut a space out for the top rail's extension piece, and the rails will not line up.

Take care when using 3D printed MLOK or KeyMod rail slots. Printed items can not be torqued to spec or tightened without risking some cracking. Snug items on, and avoid dropping your marker or breaking your fall with it. For a more robust part that you expect to add a lot of accessories to, ask for "Quad Rail" instead :)

Due to the digital nature of these designs, shipped product may differ slightly from displayed product. Any significant changes will be noted. Only printed pieces are included, not any markers or accessories unless otherwise noted.

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