M14 EBR Handguard - M17


This is just the handguard from the M14 EBR Kit, for more individual or custom builds! The shroud is actually the larger part of the body with the rails. The handguard is the smaller piece that wraps around the rear/bottom.


• Handguard

• Handguard Cover (Removable if you want to change colors)


• Handguard ready for barrels as short as the Marksman Stalker, or as thick as the Marksman Bull Barrel. Perfect for the new Marksman Predator barrel!

• Removable faux gas tube with front sight for multiple barrel options, to include integral suppressor styles

• MLOK compatible handguard for mounting accessories such as AFGs and vert grips



• Any Milsig marker that uses the steel brackets to attach handguards! The rail is the same height as the XDC or the Arbiter rail, so you may need a new top rail, of course I recommend the EBR Top Cover... ;)

* If you request a color other than the offered selections, such as lime green, pink or blue, there may be an increased lead time while that specific filament is ordered.

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